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The Compost for Sale Directory

Do you want to buy Sustainable Compost?

with over 70 suppliers listed (and rising!), this is the Compost for Sale Directory for you!

Use this Directory to find sustainable compost for all uses:-

  • Soil conditioning (general soil improvement)
  • Soil making material
  • Mulching
  • and any other compost purpose you can imagine!

Select your National Compost for Sale Page below to find compost suppliers in your state/county.

(Note: If you cannot see the lists you will have to enable “ActiveX” Controls in your browser settings in order for our Compost Directory lists to appear.)

Why do we promote sustainable compost?

Because until recently chemical fertilisers plus peat and other natural resources have been dug up or manufactured in increasing quantities to provide compost from non-renewable resources.Healthy greehouse grown from compost.

Even now in many countries non-sustainable peat based composts are more readily available for purchase at nurseries, garden centres and DIY stores than the alternatives which are available here.

This situation is changing with both the public and industry, encouraged by government to recycle, now actively segregating their organic residues for collection for composting.

To compost is a win-win situation. It reduces waste to landfill and produces “brown gold”!

Which is the best compost - peat based or “sustainable”?

Over the past few years a great deal of independent research has been undertaken on the types of composts listed on this web site. In almost all cases it has been shown that these natural composts are better in all respects, other than short term. They have better slow release capabilities, better water retention, and better soil texture improving properties to name but a few. Many have also found that the plants grown from these composts have enhanced disease resistance.

But you don’t need to take our word for it - contact the experts listed in our Directories, buy it, and try it.

(In the UK, where PAS100 accredited composts are available, we strongly recommend that you choose the very high quality composts produced to this standard.)

Be prepared to be amazed at the quality of the plants you will grow!


What's the Ultimate Health Giving Secret of Plant Feeding?

Revealed at last how to create compost WITHOUT a bin that doesn't repulse you or your neighbours with the smell. (In fact when your neighbours see what fantastic trouble free results you are getting in your garden, you may have to put a guard on your compost!)

Enjoy watching your compost heap create colloidal humus day by day WITHOUT the back breaking effort of turning. (That way you'll have more energy to do the things you really enjoy.)

Why adding worms to your compost is totally unnecessary if you build it right. Our kids call our compost "the free 5 star hotel for worms" ( you'll have plenty for fishing too if you want).

Achieve soil so structured and friable you can dig it with your hands if you want (Imagine how easy it is with a garden fork)

Create enough life giving compost in one day that will last you an entire year (Now that's value for effort).

Find out more by clicking here for Composting for Superior Plant Feeding information.

Clean Development Mechanism Projects Reduce Carbon Emissions.

The reductions in methane emissions which can be obtained by extracting landfill gas (about 60% methane) from landfill sites and either flaring it or, if possible, generating power from it, are significant.

This is due to the fact that methane is about 20 times more potent as a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.


A South African landfill gas Energy from Waste (EfW) project has done just that and provides, revenue power and jobs for the local community.

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