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Compost Shredders


Compost Shredders to Accelerate Your Composting

Tip! Continue layering ingredients around the pipe. Make sure you water each layer (unless it is really wet already) as you go to help speed up the composting process.

The are more and more Compost Shredders on the market these days for gardeners, and they really can save time, especially when garden prunings and larger pieces need to be reduced in size to be placed in recycling bins ready for council collections. 

Compost shredders can used quite rapidly to produce large quantities of compost from garden waste. Once shredded the particles which remain are the right size for optimum compsting, and this speeds up the composting process.

Good quality compost shredders can shred a wide rage of organic waste materials from garden plants, to piles of leaves,to food and vegetable waste etc. If you wish, and you choose the material carefully, the shredded material may also be used as an instant mulch or compost. 

Compost shredders are available in sizes ranging from light use models to high powered models. The more powerful compost shredders can shred thick tree prunings and branches, but be careful not to place excessively large or hard items into the smaller shredders as this may cause damage. Fairly obviously, the rate of throughput of a compost shredder is directly related to its engine size.

The most popular designs are based upon a self feeding spiral blade arrangement, however there are other systems available.  These models automatically draw in the material to be shredded and rotates. Blockages are released from any systems by reverse running the system, and we do recommend that make sure you buy a shredder which will work with both wet and dry materials.

The overall effect of shredding is that the material is heavily crushed, and cut and this produces the characteristic small chippings, which compost so readily. The acceleration of the composting process produced by shredding has to do with the mixed texture and incresed surface area upon which the bacteria of composting can grow.

We are keen on a micro-shredder cutting systems. The micro-shredder system cuts leaves, twigs and even sizeable branches into a uniform consistency. The finer shreddings that micro-shredders produce are also great for mulching. 

The most expensive but nevertheless still value for money compost shredders consist of heavy steel rotator with two steel chipper knives and shredding bars. Some models have reversible fixed shredding hammers and a double edged chipper knife and this is good as it extends the life of these crucial components. It goes without saying that these top of the range models can shred impressively large quantities of garden waste, including large amounts of tree prunings, leaves, dead plants, and branches.

Tip! Wheat or pea straw are the best types of bales for composting. Start by building one compost pile, then if you have the space you can create a row of composting “bins”.

Always be safe when you are using these devices. You really must wear goggles, gloves, breathing gauze and ear protectors. These tools are safe when well maintained but soon become dangerous if not properly maintained. Don't stint when it comes to servicing time, and engage an expert for all servicing and maintenance. Always comply with the manufacturers instructions as these machines are serious devices and if abused are quite capable of badly injuring the untrained user.

The next stage up in size from the types of shredders describde are are the high powered compost shredders you seen on farms. These are are tractor driven or motor driven. Agricultural compost shredders do also shred organic waste which will ultimately produce high quality compost for sale in gardening shops, and for use in agriculture.


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