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Composting is not only highly sustainable and good for your garden it is a fascinating subject which many people have written about. Here is a selection of recent articles and site links.

Use Worms to Improve Compost
5 Misconceptions to Avoid When Learning How to Compost
Protecting Wisconsin Waters in the Fall - Benefits of Composting
Make Fertilizer and Reduce Trash
Composting: Taking Care Of Your Garden
Composting the Easy Way
I'm a Leaf Thief Composting King
The Wonders of Organic Gardening (with Composting)
Composting: Gardening In Drought Conditions
Gardening: Is this your favourite passtime
Stevia the Sweetener Herb: grow it on compost
The Deer-proof Garden: Includes composting!
Worms to  Make Compost
Soil plus Compost Equals Lush Fertile Plants
Compost Shredders

Why not watch our worm composting video below, and start to do your own home composting?


Top Composting Tips:

Speed of composting varies with the material you put in,
the moisture content, how finely you chop, and the size of the pile. It may be weeks, months or years.

Try to put in two parts high-carbon material to one part high-nitrogen material. High-carbon material includes leaves, straw, sawdust, and wood chips. High-nitrogen material includes food scraps (no fats, oils, or dairy), grass clippings, urine, manure (from herbivores only). If you depart from the 2:1 ratio by adding more high-carbon material, you will slow down the process. Too much high-nitrogen material will cause the pile to stink unless you turn it over from time to time. Keep the pile damp but not wet.


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