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Deer-proof Garden


Deer-proof Garden

Deer proof or not. Sustainable compost will make your plants thrive.

This video shows deer in a garden.


By Jena Luthovski

Life can be beautiful on farmland that stretches what may seem life for infinity. Acre after acre after acre and land separates you from the hustle and stress of the big city. However, you still have a problem that doesn’t normally exist in metropolis. Usually in the serenity and peaceful quiet that doesn’t normally exist in metropolis. Usually in the serenity and peaceful quiet of the farmland in the rural American heartland, live resident deer. Whether it’s the buck, doe, yearlings or even fawns, once deer become accustomed to the garden of your home as they suck up its seeds, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of them without threatening them or other safer remedies.

The plant species that are most attractive to deer are hostas, phlox and day lilies. Those are only three among many. A decorative fence that surrounds the food garden is usually not high enough to keep the deer out. Fortunately, there are ways to rectify that shortcoming. Regular spraying with liquid fence is a good start, but there are other effective ways for deer proofing.

Gardens are very unique because they are generally our own antidote to civilization, like Club Med without the guests, service representative and costs. Women and men have the opportunity to cultivate new beauty and life as they find solitude with mother nature. The outside world slowly dissolves as we work the soil, compost, weed, till and toil until we fill our inner-selves with the aroma of God’s green earth. However, our covenant with the earth and green slowly becomes amiss. Plants are missing and getting damaged. The damage subsequently worsens before there’s total destruction to all the hard work that you put into your garden. The culprit is usually that historical mascot of rural living known as deer.

Usually with just survival and reproduction in mind, deer are neither malicious nor benevolent. They are only animals with an incessant appetite for tulips and yews among many plants that grow in your garden. Fortunately, there are many methods of keeping deer away from your good garden creations.

Although it’s difficult to pinpoint a sure-fire way to repel deer from your garden, there are a few tricks of the trade. Once you design a food garden to sidestep deer damage, important considerations like the overall appearance and purpose of your garden don’t change. However, you can still accomplish your goals in several ways.

About the Author: Jena Luthowski writes about House Gardening Promotions, Deer Repellent and Popular Coupons.



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