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What is PAS100 Compost


What is PAS 100 Compost?

PAS100 Compost is offered for sale by UK composters, and is made from source segregated green waste.

Here is an explanation of what it is why we consider that you should consider using it, and some examples of the types of uses - apart from general garden and horticultural use - to which it is well suited.

The following is a statement by the UK’s top professional institute for waste management known as the CIWM:

THE PAS 100 quality standard was prepared and published by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and builds on an existing Composting Association standard. It improves confidence in composted materials among end-users, specifiers and blenders, and helps producers differentiate products that are safe, reliable and of high performance.
The Association for Organics Recycling (AfOR) (formerly the Composting Association) accredits BSI PAS 100 as the specification that composted materials must meet in order to achieve the independently verified Composting Association accreditation and use of the AfOR logo.
BSI PAS 100 was developed following extensive consultation across the compost industry. It only covers biodegradable materials that have been kept separate from non-biodegradables and applies to composted materials produced at centralised, on-farm and community composting facilities. It does not extend to end products of home composting for self-use.

This standard was revised during 2011 and is now an even higher standard of compost.

So, what does this mean? It means that you can buy PAS100 compost knowing that it is a high quality compost and safe to use from all compost applications (apply normal mixing practices before using for a seed compost), and a compost which will be weed free, and with a high soil improvement capability with a slow release of plant nutrients.

It is also the most environmentally sustainable from of compost that you can buy.

The CIWM recommends other uses for PAS100 Compost, as follows:

Use of PAS100 Compost on Brownfield Sites for improving the restoration soils

WRAP STATISTICS (2005) indicate[d] that there may be at least 60,000 hectares of previously developed land in England alone, and regeneration of this land often requires soils for final landscaping. The Brownfield Programme is currently supporting a number of trailblazer projects across the UK in which quality compost is being applied to brownfield land.

So, the CIWM is showing us that the British Government through WRAP (funded by DEFRA) supports the use of PAS100 Compost for Brownfield site restoration purposes.

Use of PAS100 Compost in Agriculture

Again we quote the CIWM, which says:

THE BENEFITS of using [PAS100] quality compost in agriculture and field horticulture are numerous. European and UK studies show that compost made from garden and food waste can significantly benefit soils and crops by:
  • maintaining and enhancing soil organic matter levels,
  • supplying major available nutrients such as nitrogen, potash, phosphorous, sulphur, magnesium and trace elements,
  • thus improving crop establishment and increasing yield.
[PAS100] Quality compost can be used in a variety of agricultural applications, including arable crops, top and soft fruit, root crops and vegetables, grassland and organic farming.

So, there you are PAS!00 compost is available and IS a very good compost being provided to a high quality standard.


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